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From Government loans (FHA, VA, and USDA) to Contractor-Built Construction loans, we have diverse loan products to help you achieve your dreams.

We have loan products to finance the purchase of your home whether you are upgrading to a better home, or a first-time homeowner, or want to purchase a home for investment purposes.  The 100% financing (no down payment) loan product is still available in certain situations (VA, USDA) as well as low down payment loans (FHA). There are a lot of choices of loan products and we will find the product that will fit your needs. It could be better to buy ( invest)  in your own home rather than rent and give your monies away to your landlord. Why give monies away for someone else to invest when you can invest your own monies in your own home. Real estate values have dropped considerably. So take advantage of the lowered prices and the lowered interest rates.
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INTEREST RATES ARE STILL INCREDIBLY LOW. Refinancing could: 1) lower your monthly payments, 2) convert your adjustable rate to a fixed interest rate, 3) give you cash to consolidate bills, do home improvements, purchase a big ticket item such as a vehicle, boat, appliances, 4) give you the opportunities to enjoy a long-awaited boat cruise, visit family in another state / country, or, 5) for any other purpose. Call us to refinance your conventional loan. Refinancing VA and FHA loans are quick, easy, and with lower closing costs.
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Construction Loans
Are you thinking about building your dream home? In a time where construction loans are very hard to come by, we still have them available.  We have closed more than 250 construction loans since we opened our business in 2003, the most of any broker in the State of Hawaii. We are the experts in construction loans. We could help you with referral assistance to contractors, sub-contractors, building supply houses, realtors, draftsmen, architects, etc. Call us for more information.
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Hard-money Loans
You can’t qualify for a conventional loan? We may be able to assist you get a loan on your home even if you were turned down, denied, or experienced broken promises from a lender, a loan broker, or a hard-money lender. Please take note that hard-money funding primarily depends upon the equity you have in your real estate (value minus the mortgage balance). If you have a dire need for a loan when the conventional sources have dried out, please call us for a second opinion or for more information about this loan product. We have the sources for hard-money funds. Please be aware that these funds are expensive but could help you for the short term period in order for you to buy time to fix your interim financial problems that you may have encountered. Call us. You may be pleasantly surprised what we can do to alleviate your financial burden.
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Commercial Loans   (Bank Fall-outs) (Including Church Loans)
Did the bank deny your real estate commercial loan? We have many commercial loan sources that will entertain bank fall-outs of commercial loans. There are many various real estate-connected commercial loans still available. Do you own property that the bank will not mortgage? Having problems qualifying for a bank loan due to credit, income, or ineligible property? Do you want to buy, refinance, or construct commercial property?
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