Joy Gillette Mortgage Planner
Joy Gillette

How did I get into this business? It all started when I refinanced my own home and felt completely lost in the mortgage process. After a few years of studying the real estate industry, I decided to get into mortgages to help others through the mortgage process. My goal is to ensure the process is smooth, stress-less and to fit each customer’s short and long-term goals for building wealth and becoming debt-free. I have been in the mortgage business for five years and have thoroughly enjoyed helping others with the purchase and refinance process.  I love to teach others and encourage you to keep asking questions of me until you feel completely comfortable with the loan you are signing for.  Your satisfaction is my number one goal.

I spent eight years of my childhood in Japan, the rest of it in California, and moved to Hilo over thirteen years ago. I have found Hawaii to be well-suited to my lifestyle. In my free time, I love to mountain bike, kayak, and spend time with my husband and friends.

Please feel free to email me at or call me at (808)960-8309 with any inquiries.